S&SWM PR papers L1805

Geddes | Ansd Apr. 29/97

University College | Dundee | Mon. 26/4/97

Dear General Pitt-Rivers

Herewith I return the coat I borrowed, & which I ran off with for the north journey, as I had not time to go back to the Bishop's to pick up my own!

I have delayed sending it in order to enclose the two weapons spear-heads; I am sorry there is only one with a socket. I bought them at Nicosia & probably they came from the tombs of the neighbourhood.

We had a letter from Douglas this week, wo is evidently enjoying himself camping out and sketching, & who promised us an exhibition in Edin', so he is evidently busy. From Lionel we have nothing this mail, which doubtless indicates he is still busier!

My wife sends her kind regards to Mrs Pitt Rivers & yourself. (We have our little boy & girl again with us here. But the baby only arrives today having been in quarantine) so it is anew acquaintance to make after six months, & a great household event to which I must hasten!) Believe me

Yours vy faithfully
Pat Geddes

One of the spearheads is Add.9455vol4_p1479 /2, the other appears not to be listed in the catalogue of the second collection.

Transcribed for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project by AP June 2011

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