S&SWM PR papers L1343

Le Masurier | Ansd Aug. 12/95

96 Victoria Road, Guernsey | 25th July 1895

My dear Sir,

I send you by tomorrow morning's parcel post, a box containing a figure dressed in what, less than half a century ago was the characteristic costume of the Guernsey peasantry. I have had it specially made for your museum by a countrywoman, who not only remembers seeing the Costume worn, but has preserved one as a relic of the past.

I must ask you to particularly notice the unfinished stocking on the hand. This class of work accompanied the women wherever they went; whether to the dairy, poultry yard, field, going to market or in their country walks. In fact it was inseparable from their existence, and every leisure moment allowed them by the nature of their farm or other occupations was utilized in stocking knitting. The colour was invariable.

The figure represents a woman going to market, the can of milk on the right arm, a basket of eggs and butter on the left, and the stocking which, when too long was tucked inside the apron band.

If by some mischance any of the contents of the basket have got adrift in the enveloping paper please restore them for the absence of one  or other would destroy the character of the figure.  The shells represent eggs, the yellow wax on green paper the pounds of butter on cabbage leaves. The costume is precise in every detail from the shoe upwards, not omitting the pocket in the dress under the apron. The cloak was always red.

I hope the Customs Authorities at the General Post Office will not open the parcel.

Accompanying it is a roll inside which are two large views of our town and harbour.

I also send you a newspaper in which  the Curator [insert] of the Library [end insert] thankfully acknowledges your handsome and valuable present, one which I assure you, Sir, is highly appreciated. To his thanks I must write mine for having so very kindly responded to the representations  I made to you when I had the pleasure of visiting Rushmore.

I remain
Yours very truly
Giffard Le Masurier

There does not appear to be a figure of this kind donated by Le Masurier in the second collection catalogue. He seems to spell his name Masurier but it is often spelt Mesurier as well, he appears to have been born in 1839 but I can find no other information about him

Transcribed by AP June 2011

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