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Harrison | Ans'd Apr. 30/95

Ightham | Ap 25. 95

General Pitt-Rivers


I have for some time past been engaged in sketching & carefully arranging the Rude implements found in the excavations on the Plateau which will presently possibly be a [illegible] index if the Impts are brought forward at the B Asn. [presumably British Association for the Advancement of Science]

It so happens yesterday I was showing to a Scientist who put the question to me

Has Genl. Pitt Rivers seen these [insert] for I feel sure he would like to [end insert]

This question has now been put to me three times & this prompts me to forward the book for your inspection

These implements all found at depths of from 6 to 7 ft beneath stratified deposits.

I may mention also that I am desirous now to dispose of series of rude impts & should have written before but for the fact I determined not to put into circulation until hall marked

The time has now come as all through I have been working on the lines laid down by yourself I beg to give you first offer

It is now some 6 years ago that Professor Prestwich gave me a copy of your address on Museums in which you advocate a large Anthropological Rotunda. I was much struck with the idea & so sketched in mind the plan were I call upon to act.

Since that time no pains have been taken to give [illegible] of Evolution & much work has been done with I am pleased to say good results

I enclose my fanciful sketch which will at least show I have thought over the question. [Drawing of rotunda marked Pal. and Eolithic in centre, Neolithic and Bronze in inner ring and Egyptian on outer ring

I remain, Sir
Yours respectly
B Harrison

P.S. I forward No 4 as a specimen to illustrate

In February or March 1896 Pitt-Rivers paid £10 for 16 stone tools from Harrison, see Add.9455vol3_p1257 /1 and on



Ightham March 3 96

Cheque £10.10.0 sent on Mar. 6/96

Genl. Pitt Rivers


I have sketched in & send today 30 primitive implements from the Chalk Plateau.

Instead of 25 representing half 30 sent for which I ask 10 guineas. for this reason Having been incessantly at work in this line for the past 10 years I really want a change & a holiday so with the pounds I hope to recoup myself for Expense & time and the odd shillings go towards a holiday [illegible] a scamper over the S Downs to follow up some observations made 10 yrs since

I hope in doing so I have not trespassed on your indulgence so far

Believe me to clear up this matter and the fight against the Hemel Hempstead Giant has been exhausted [illegible] ordeal but I am glad now we have had a hard tussle

I sent by request a [illegible] to the Fishguard Museum [illegible] Mr E.J. Newton F.R.S. has care of them

A London Editor whom I asked to go & see writes Feby 22

Dr Mr Harrison

I had nearly an hour with Mr Newton this morning

He tells me he find himself increasingly on your side

He will show your exhibits at the next meeting Geologists Association

He quite sees that people cannot be [illegible] and that the questions is in a transition stage but moving in the right direction (Even Evans is not so incredulous as he was) and that by giving people time and opportunity we shall see the present large number of influential judges in the matter considerably augmented to your advantage

I remain Sir

Yours [illegible]

B Harrison

See Add.9455vol3_p1257 /1 and on

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