S&SWM PR papers L1172

Ansd Feb. 7/95 8/- offered 8/- sent on Feb. 11/95

17 Cistern St | Totnes | Devon | 4/2/95


Your name having been mentioned to me by your later gamekeeper Mr G. Bennett as a collector of antiquities and having an axe used in warfare prior to the Roman Invasion I take the liberty of submitting it to you for your inspection an [sic] with a view to purchase It was found by me in the bog at Ascot 3 years ago next June I being at that time an allotment holder thereon. I have Sir obtained the opinion of several Gentlemen used in these matters and they are agreed in thinking it to be of some value to an antiquary.

Trusting you will pardon the liberty I have taken

I remain
Yours Respectfully
John Peters

P.S. I have forwarded the axe per Parcels Post

NB This does not seem to be entered in the catalogue of the second collection

Transcribed by AP May/ June 2011

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