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4 Barnard St. Russell Sq. | London Aug. 29-1894

Dear Sir

I came to London for the express purpose of disposing of a Flint & Stone Collection. It includes about 500 to 600 pieces. First and most noteworthy a group of some 30 examples of [insert] a [end insert] large and heavy type of hand battle clubs and battle axes. The former ([Drawing]) shillehagh shape measure from 7 to 14 ins and weight from 1/9 lb. to near 4 lbs; the battle axes are mitre shaped and weigh from 3 to 5 and even 6 lbs. They were all clearly intended for hand use as there are chippings and hollows adapted thereto. My 30 specimens include from a crudest and least worked to the best shaped and finished; though all were evidently used by warriors who cared more for execution than for show or polish. I think I have been the first to bring these things to light and under notice, and have succeeded in securing the gradation of examples necessary to place any doubt about their authenticity and nature beyond doubt or question. I had spoken of the above, last Xmas, to Mr (now Sir) Franks, who had expressed the desire to see them. But in his absence I find there is now nothing worth troubling much with, the British Museum. And yet not a single specimen is to be seen like it there or anywhere else so far as I know.

A Mr Elliott advised me to write to you. The remainder of my collection contains the usual run of specimens, but a certain number of rare subjects. All come from the South (Sussex) Downs, the groups above said being from a certain spot which is still my own secret, although I think I have exhausted the mine or nearly so. I should be quite happy to send it on approval (with a view to purchase) on condition of carriage being paid both ways if returned, and if bought, that my name should be recorded with the group, which should remain intact.

Your truly
M.F. Michel

to General Pitt River

Please excuse hurry and mistakes




Marine View, 30 Marine Terrace Parade | Eastbourne, March 3 - 1895

Dear Sir

I beg the pleasure to address you the photo of a Curious Stone found on the beach here by a Mrs H... from whom I bought it. I should much like to have your opinion about it, in view to dispose of it either for your Museum or in any such manner as would be most likely to render the discovery useful to the advancement of prehistoric studies and researches.

I must say that the photo conveys but a very insufficient idea of the object itself. The original stone must be examined, then only can any one perceive the unmistakeable traces of Man's intentional handiwork, in the fine chippings and carvings. The absence of patina and oxyde of any kind would be explained by the sojourn of the stone in saline water. I should be most happy to send the stone for your inspection at your own convenience. I had written to the editor of an Archaeological paper, but am advised to seek the opinion of an eminent specialist first, previous to any notice from the press.

Yours very truly
M.F. Michel

Card enclosed

Visiting card enclosed making it clear that Michel was French, and gave lessons in French, German, Italian and music. Also that he sold artefacts, there is a list of 'stone weapons, implements, and other wrought objects from prehistoric ages found in 1894 on the Eastbourne Downs and vicinity by M.F. Michel, LL.B., Paris'

Transcribed by AP May/ June 2011

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