S&SWM PR papers L987

Ans'd Dec 31/ 92

Compton Farm | Enford | Pewsey | Dec 28th

Dear General Pitt Rivers

I am sending a small coin which our shepherd picked up the other day on a mole hill which had just been worked up. I shall be very much obliged if you will tell me, whos head it is engraved on it, the face is wonderfully clear & well cut I suppose it is Roman from the fillet? he has several times found coins when he is up on the downs and he has brought me a lot of pieces of pottery which he has just found, which have been lately plowed up, they are only fragments of different sized vessels, and one bit must have been a very pretty shaped vessel [drawing] and seems to have had a black glaze on it, some are of terra cotta, and the others of a greyish sort of clay, there are one or two bits which look as if they had belonged to the rim of a large sized urn. These bits have all he picked up [sic] close to the down at the top of the farm, which is called Compton down and what is called the old dyke runs along the down close by. I hope you will not mind me sending the coin to you, as I do not know who else to ask about it and we should very much like to know about it, so I shall be most grateful if you will kindly let me know what you think of it, and let me have it back again. Please remember me to Mrs Pitt Rivers

yours truly
Agnes Hussey Fre ... [illegible, could be Fretne?]

Transcribed by AP May/ June 2011

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