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Eastbury | Blandford

My dear General

When I was at Rushmore you told me you believed that I should find a copy of the Chase map that hangs in King John's House in the book you kindly gave me, which deals with your excavations at Woodcuts. But I cannot find it there only a map of a small portion round Rushmore. I wish if you have a spare copy of the map I might have it. Birdsmore Gate, an old turnpike in Marshwood parish, well bears out your interpretation of "more" for a border, as it is situated at the entrance to Marshwood vale.

Now you have made so many discoveries you ought to be able to form a pretty clear idea of the daily life of our predecessors here. You ought to write a short magazine article on it, not referring to your discoveries but based on them, a little fiction mixed in, on which to base your tale. A Briton at Rotherly making love to a girl at Woodcuts. You could show us how they dressed, their ornaments, their horses, the mode of life, their means of locomotion, the character of the land round &c &c. All this would immensely interest us & then the learned would pick holes in your tale, as improbable & you would then prove them wrong by the production of your various proofs in your collection. Excuse all this &

Believe me truly yours
Henry R. Farquharson

Sept: 5th 1892

mix in an attack from Romans or a neighbouring tribe, & a bit from their religion, money, news from Rome or London, a funeral, if they used the Roman road

Copy Reply [typed]

Copy | Rushmore | Salisbury | Sept. 7th, 1892.

Dear Mr. Farquharson

The Map is in my description of King John's House. I thought you had a copy, but I have desired that one should be sent.

As regards your suggestion to mix up fiction with archaeological research, such a proceeding might perhaps suit you, as you say so yourself. But no archaeologist of any repute would think of doing such a thing. It is the thing of all others that he would be most careful to avoid.

With respect to the coins you spoke about, I have not seen Mr Newman since. He brought it to me to be identified, and I did not understand that he presented it to me, although it is very likely he did, as a great number of people in this neighbourhood do the like. But it is really not of the slightest interest to me, and if you are anxious to have it, you are very welcome to it. If, as I understand, he found it in his Church, I should doubt however your having any claim to it as Lord of the Manor.

Yours truly
A. Pitt Rivers

There does not appear to be a coin from a Mr Newman in the catalogue of the second collection, so perhaps it was returned or sent to Farquharson



Eastbury Park | Blandford

My dear General

Thank you very much for the book you have kindly sent me containing with many other things the Chase maps.

I am rather afraid by the tone of your letter to me that you were rather offended at my suggestion to you for popularizing your very interesting life-work. History, religious thought, & other serious matters have come to be more popular when dressed in fiction & I am quite sure, if only someone capable would undertake it, much might be done by adopting my suggestion to you.

You took my talk too seriously as to the Hinton coin. Many more people will see it in your Museum than in my house & I know of course I have no claim to it.

Before very long now I shall be carting away the mound by the Chettle Lodge if it is likely to interest you I will let ou know the time

Truly yours
Henry R. Farquharson

Sept. 10th 1892

The mystery of the coin deepens as there are no coins (or any other items) from a Newman and no coins from Hinton. Henry Richard Farquharson (1857-1895) was an English landowner and Conservative politician who lived on a large estate at Tarrant Gunville. He donated an item to Pitt-Rivers in 1895 see Add.9455vol3_p1139 /1




My dear General

Thank you for your letter and photograph. If the things you want are to be got in Ceylon I dare say I shall come across them. Anyhow, I will do my best.

In about three weeks I shall be enjoying the warmth of the Red Sea, a slight difference from this climate.

The "National Review" editor has accepted from me an article on Tithes: as it deals with matters of interest to landowners, I hope you will see it but it may not appear for a month or even two. Please remember me to all at Rushmore & Believe me

Truly yours
Henry R Farquharson

Jan'y 27th 1895

See Add.9455vol3_p1139 /1, the only item got from Farquharson after his visit to Sri Lanka in 1895

Transcribed by AP, May / June 2011 for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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