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[Ansd Wansdyke paper sent]

Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society | Nov 9 1891 | Clyffe Vicarage, | Wootton Bassett, Wilts.

Dear General Pitt Rivers,

I hope that the current number of our magazine will be out before long - and I am getting together the material for the next number. I should be glad therefore if you could let me have your notes on the Wansdyke excavations soon.

I saw in N. Devon the other day a sort of vessel which was new to me - a wooden pitcher made of staves. Rather a good looking sort of thing - they are commonly used on the borders of Exmoor It struck me that you might possibly like one for your museum [insert] if you havent one already [end insert] The cost is I believe 4 or 5 shillings

[salutation illegible]
Ed. H. Goddard




Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society | Nov 21 1891 | Clyffe Vicarage, | Wootton Bassett, Wilts.

Dear General Pitt Rivers,

Thanks for the Wansdyke paper received today. You shall receive proof of it for correction as soon as it is in print which may not be for some little while yet.

I have written to a friend in N. Devon asking him to procure and send you one of the wooden pitchers when he has an opportunity. I will let you know the cost thereof.

We have no account of King John's House in our magazine - and as only a limited number of [insert] our [end insert] members have access to your Book upon it I think it is very desirable that an account should appear in it. if possible in the next number that will include the report of our Wilton meeting & excursions.

Could you find time to write us a short account of it, giving the most important points as to its History, & restorations & present use.

I should be very grateful if you could do this. Anytime within the next three months would do very well

I am
Faithfully yrs
Ed. H. Goddard



Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society | Mar 24 1892 | Clyffe Vicarage, | Wootton Bassett, Wilts.

Dear General Pitt Rivers,

You told me some time ago that you would like one of the wooden N. Devon water pitchers for your collection. I hear today from my friend Mr Freeman that he has despatched on to you - made in Barnstaple - its cost is 4/6.

I have delayed putting your paper in the magazine as I heard from Mr [illegible] that you had been so ill as to be quite unable to attend to anything. I hope that by this time you have recovered [illegible] again though these East winds must be much against you

I am
faithfully yrs
Ed. A. Goddard

This is Add.9455vol3_p824 /6



[Goddard Ansd Dec 20/ 92] |

Clyffe Vicarage | Wootton Bassett | Dec 16 1892

Dear Gen Pitt Rivers

Your most generous present of the 3rd vol of your work arrived quite safely and calls for the expression of lively gratitude on my part - Very many thanks for it. if anything it seems [insert] even [end insert] more interesting than the volume that preceded it.

I know you are much interested in pottery. I hear that Mr [illegible name] has uncovered an ancient kiln ([illegible]) near Wootton Bassett, and has collected a good deal of broken pottery fr its vicinity. If you would allow me I should like to send you some specimens of this and other pottery found nr Wootton Bassett for your opinion on it.

I am
faithfully yours
Ed. H. Goddard

No items of this kind are catalogued in the second collection, that is known of.

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