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Chideock Vicarage | nr Bridport, Dorset | Sept 7.91

Dear General Pitt Rivers

In an iron mongers at Bridport is a brass cooking pot on 3 legs with feet, with a long handle (cast on it I believe) on the handle a legend "Shall I plese you" or similar words.

The pot is about 7 inches diameter
about 6 inches dee[
on legs about 4 inches high
Handle about 12 inches long


It was sold for old brass at Yeovil & sent to the ironmonger's assistant at Bridport by a friend as a curio.

He would part with it for your Museum if you cared to have it. £5 is the price asked.

I do not remember to have seen a similar vessel before & think it might "please you"

Believe me
yrs faithfully
Cecil V. Goddard

P.S. At Ford Abbey, which I visited lately, Mr Evans is making up a screen in the old refectory out of Breton bedsteads. but the panels suffer greatly by being separated from their own proper framing & side pieces


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[Ans'd Sept.23/91]

East St | Bridport | 21:9:91

Dear Sir

The Rev'd C.V. Goddard of Chideock has just called upon me relative to the 'Antique Skillet' with inscription on handle, which he is purchasing on your behalf.

Altho' I am not at all anxious about selling, I am willing to pack safely in box, & post carriage as far as it will go by Rail, if you will kindly give me name of station to which I must address it.

I have had numerous enquiries about it & could have sold times over, but refused: I would not part with it now, were it not going into a Museum where it will be more cared for & greatly admired.

You will I am sure be delighted with it & when you have seen it, I shall be pleased to hear from you to that effect.

Yours very faithfully
F. Smith Bucknole

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I have a 'Breeches Bible' dated 1592 which I would sell for same price, viz £5, but I am told it is worth much more. I have been offered a Polyglot Bible, beautifully bound, which cost considerably over £5, in exchange for it. If you cared to have it I would enclose with skillet FB

General Pitt Rivers | "Rushmore"

[This letter is so beautifully and idiosyncratically handwritten that a scan is shown here for webviewers to admire.]

Transcribed by AP May 2011 as part of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project.

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