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Letter 591 is a letter, following several previous ones from the same source, to Pitt-Rivers from George Graham. Graham was seeking employment as one of Pitt-Rivers assistants, and it becomes clear during their correspondence that he had a healthy regard for his own status as a draughtsman and that Pitt-Rivers was not very actively responding to his letters. This is the most telling end:


23rd Nov 1888 | 8 Sloane Terrace | S.W.

Dear Sir,

Having on Saturday 17th despatched to you a letter enclosing the three plates which you sent to me, some drawings of my own, & note from Mr Greville Chester and a letter from Mr Watson and not having up to date received my answer from you I now write again to beg that you will kindly let me know your decision

Yours truly
George Grahame

[Enclosure, presumably a draft response in Pitt-Rivers' handwriting]

Rushmore, Salisbury | Nov. 24. 1888

Dear Sir

I took a little time to consider whether your drawings were sufficient for my work. I have no doubt that in time you would take some time and I have get into it, but as it would take some time, and I have already a draughtsman under instruction for my particular work, I fear that I shall not be able to come to any arrangement with you. I am sorry to should have [word illegible] to the trouble of doing the drawing for me. I return Mr Chester's letter which appears quite satisfactory.

Yours obediantly [sic]
A Pitt Rivers

Transcribed by AP 2011 for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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