S&SWM PR papers L560

2 Worcester St: Oxford | Oct'r 26th 1888


In reply to your enquiry about the "Court-Cup'd" [court cupboard*] I beg to say that the price of the one in the warehouse (ground floor) is £14.0.0 of the one in the shop with its' back to the window 12.0.0, and of the other 16.0.0

I am sorry to say that I have not been able to find the photograph wh: my daughter mentioned Should I do so, they shall be forwarded. I am afraid however that there was only one of them wh was of an unsold C't Cup'd.

I should say that all I have are genuinely old that is to say are not "made up" cup'ds.

They have been, where needed, carefully restored and as little done [insert] to them [end insert] as possible. [insert] in the case of [end insert] The one you remarked, as having new columns, they are exact copies of the old ones which were being much split and cut about, and I have kept them, in order that a purchaser may see how closely they have been copied.

Regretting that I was not at home when you honoured me with your call.

I am Sir
Yours obediently
Wm. Ogden

General Pitt Rivers

* Presumably Pitt-Rivers was buying furniture for Rushmore or Grosvenor Gardens, rather than acquiring objects for Farnham Museum. A court cupboard was a three-tier wooden sideboard, used for displaying plates. Pitt-Rivers had acquired objects for his second collection from William Ogden before (though on an undated occasion).

Transcribed by AP May 2011 as part of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project.

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