S&SWM PR papers L382

33 Seastone Road | Boscombe | Bournemouth | Sep. 27. 1887

Dr Sir,

In reply to yours of yesterday, herewith I have forwarded to you the Purbeck papers, and am sorry I cannot send you the complete set, as in the first (1855) issue there is some interesting discoveries made in the opening of Barrow at St Adhelms Head, also an account of Danish remains (found Jan 21. 1767) found at Moorborough in the road to [illegible] Hollow trunk of Tree (oak). 10 ft long outside dia 4 ft rudely decorated etc. I believe you have made some like discoveries. I was fortunate enough to set the loom of this No from one of the Members of the Society dwelling near Wareham.

I also in the same parcel send you a sundial, which if not possessing any antiquarian value is still interesting as regards its close associations with Cranborne Chase, as it was purchased at the Sale of the Property of the Late W.W. Farr, If one House only divided from the Chase by its outer boundary line, the River Stour, I should not wonder if previously to the Farr family moving to Iford in 18-- it was not more closely associated with the C. Chase as I think at one time they dwelt on the other side of the River at Maccleshell higher up, so taht was within the bounds.

If you have a history of the C. Chase with a map date 1618 afterwards revised by Hambidge of Blandford son of the first [illegible] I should esteem it a great favour if you would loan it me for a time, I have tried at many places to get a copy, but have been unsuccessful up to the present.

Believe me
Yours most respectfully

[Copy of Cranborne Chase sent 29/Sept/87]

This is Add.9455vol2_p342 /4, which was included as part of the second collection and described as 'Sundial bought at the sale of property of the late Mr W. Farr, Ilford House near Cranbourne Chase presented by Mr Chas. M. Bennett'

Transcribed by AP for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project June 2011

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