Moseley to Balfour

Transcription of letter from Moseley (Curator in charge of the Pitt Rivers Collection at Oxford) to Henry Balfour, one of his students and potentially Moseley's assistance PRM ms collections PRM Box 1:

11 October 1885

Dear Balfour

I shall require some one to assist me in arranging and labelling the Pitt Rivers Anthropology Collection for about a year. I expect to be able to get from the University about £100 pay for such an assistant. I do not know whether such employment might suit you. It would be pretty hard work of all sorts making little drawings, writing and [typing out?] very neat labels, writing catalogue descriptions, arranging things in cases, mending and batching [?] and cleaning, helping a carpenter fix things on screens, looking up objects of all kinds in illustrated books, Cooks travels etc. I fear there will be little chance of the thing going on after a year but success in it might lead to other openings. I cannot offer the post to you as I have yet no authority just think of it and send me a line and if it appears to you at all feasible come and dine with me at the Savile Club on Thursday next 15th at 7 o’clock and we can talk about it.

Yours faithfully,

H.N. Moseley.

Transcribed by Frances Larson as part of the Relational Museum project 2002-2006

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