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Correspondence in University Archives at the Bodleian Library, dating June and July 1883 relating to arrangements for the founding collection donation:

14 June 1883: Deane (Architect) to Gamlen, has great pleasure in prospect of working for the University again.

19 June 1883, Tylor to Gamlen, hopes to be at forthcoming Curators’ meeting

30 June 1883: T.N. Deane to Gamlen, plans now ready for the surveyor and his specification. Possibility of adding a ‘theatre’ is mentioned (no details given)

6 July 1883: Morrell & Son, Solicitors, to Gamlen, ‘The matter [of executing the Deed], we understood, was standing over whilst a catalogue of the collection was being completed + printed.’ Have heard from Farrer + Co that PR would like the following conditions added: ‘1) That a Lecturer shall be appointed by the University who shall yearly give Lectures at Oxford on Anthropology ‘2) That the Donor and his agents shall have the right at all reasonable times of making drawings of the objects in the collection for purposes of publication’ Morrell has replied that decision only possible during October term, but cannot imagine any objection to (2) but (1) would involve an annual outlay and do not know what view the University would take. ‘To this Messrs Farrer reply that they understood that it had been already agreed by the University Authorities but that they quite consent that it should stand over.’ Should be glad to know whether it has been informally agreed, as could then press to execute the Deed.

27 July 1883: Morrell & Son, Solicitors, to Gamlen, In further reference to your letter of the 21st inst, we have written to Messrs. Farrer and Co urging them to get General Pitt-Rivers to execute the Deed and stating the reasons which make it desirable to get it done at once. We are sorry to say they have replied this morning to the effect that General Pitt-Rivers declines to execute the Deed until further conditions which he requires have been inserted.

24 May 1884: T.N. Deane to Gamlen Plans for the anthropological museum will be sent on Tuesday, and various estimates. Deane in consultation with Gamlen re contracting Symm + Co for building work

June 1884, two large documents, estimates for preliminary works for Anthropological Museum, University of Oxford

June 1884: estimate for construction work for Anthropological museum from Arding, Bird and Buzzard, London

10 June 1884: Form of tender signed by Symm + Co addressed to Curators of the University Chest to effect that they are willing to erect the Museum in accordance with plans and specs by T.N. Deane + Son and giving details of costs – basic cost of £4977, range of possible additional costs also given.

17 June 1884: E.T. Turner to Gamlen, PRM came before Council yesterday, but Council were of the opinion that it could not be considered this late in the term

Notes taken by Frances Larson as part of the Relational Museum project, January 2006.

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