S&SWM PR papers P126


Memorandum about General Pitt-Rivers Museum at South Kensington

This is an Ethnographical Museum now and for sometime past exhibited in the long rooms to the west of the Horticultural Garden belonging to the Commissioners of 1851.

It contains about 14,000 objects. The arrangement is psychological and gives the history and development of various arts such as Pottery, Weapons, Shipbuilding, Agricultural implements, Ornamentation &c. its utility has been recognized by men of Science.

General Rivers is anxious to increase it largely on the same plan and wants more space.

He would like Lord Granville to convince himself of the utility of the Museum with a view to its continuance in any arrangement come to between the Commission of 1851 and the Government.

Transcribed by AP for the Relational Museum project and rechecked in August 2011 for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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