Tylor to Pitt-Rivers 4/5.2.1883, 1.3.1883

L79 Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Pitt-Rivers papers

[Answered 6.II.83]

Linden | Wellington Somerset | Feb. 4. 1883

Dear Genl Pitt Rivers

I am to give two lectures on Anthropology at Oxford in the Museum* Lecture-Room on Thursday 15th & Wednesday 21st at 2.30. In saying something of your Collection, I am thinking of the following as points one may mention intelligibly without having the specimens to show - viz. parrying-stick & shield; spring-trap & bow; survivals of armour. Also your stone implement in wall of Egyptian tomb. Is there any other topic connected with the educational use of the Collection which you think should be brought forward if there is opportunity?

I am glad to hear that the Oxford arrangements for the Museum seem in a fair way of settlement, but sorry to learn that you had been unwell lately. Hoping to have a better account now I am

[illegible salutation]
Edward B. Tylor

L80 Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Pitt-Rivers papers

Linden | Wellington Somerset | Feb. 5. 1883

Dear Genl Pitt Rivers

I thought I had somewhere in print the account how you were led by serving on an Arms Commission to find that improvements could only be made by small successive stages. If you have printed it anywhere could you send me the passage or reference to it, or if not, will you kindly tell me what it is lawful to say about it in a lecture when mentioning the collection

[illegible salutation]
Edward B. Tylor

L83 Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Pitt-Rivers papers

Linden | Wellington Somerset | Mar. 1. 1883

Dear General Pitt Rivers

I have looked at the figures of daggers &c in my little book & see that the spear-dagger art ** requires correction. Will you send me a sketch of the line of development as it seems to you to have come about. You will find in Wilkinson the art ** (perhaps from Rosellini as most are) of soldiers with spears & daggers  of similar form of blade. Also, I should be much obliged if you would make an ideal line of development for the sabre, for I do not think I quite understand your view. It will be sometime before I can do anything as to a new edition, but I should like to get the evidence straight.

Will you take the trouble to go to the Athenaeum Club on Monday next March 5. My brother-in-law Alfred Harris is one of those up for election, and I am sure you would vote for him if you knew him

[illegible salutation]
Edward B. Tylor

* That is, the lecture room in the Oxford University Museum [of Natural History] where Tylor was Keeper.

** Word illegible but looks like art or cut

Transcribed by AP May 2011 as part of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project.


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