S&SWM PR papers L2545

57 Mount Ararat | Richmond | Oct 23rd

Dear Sir,

I thank you for your kind interview yesterday and having consulted Mr Sparkes * and my parents. I shall be pleased to have the honour of being appointed as a member of your staff, and as such you may rely upon my endeavour to give you the greatest satisfaction.

I am very desirous of continuing my connection with S. Kensington, which I hope to do by working there in the evenings **

If I am fortunate enough to be appointed, will you kindly let me know when I am to commence work.

I am, dear Sir,
Your obedient Servant
Claude W. Gray

General Pitt Rivers | London

* John Charles Lewis Sparkes, dealer and tutor at the Royal College of Arts who provided advice to Pitt-Rivers about acquiring suitable assistants and also sold many objects to his second collection

** This seems to imply that Gray thought he would work for Pitt-Rivers in London

Although this letter is undated it must date to 1888 when Bowden says C. Gray was appointed

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