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4 Warwick studios: Kensington: 26 Dec 1896

Dear Sir,

I have heard with much pleasure from Mrs Wyndham, saying that you would like me to take my work down to your house at Rushmore, to show you. I shall be very happy indeed to do this. And I thought that Thursday next the 30th inst. might be convenient to you: and being the earliest day which I can get my few things together.

One of my pieces of work which I should so much like you to see being one of the best, is now on loan at Sth Kensington Museum. I have asked to be allowed to take it down to you. And Mr Skinner the assistant Director says that if you will be so kind as to write to him asking for it to be sent to you that (if they can persuade the owners to let it go) They will send it insured and ask you to return it in the same manner. If you will be so kind as to do this I shall be so much obliged. I am writing to the owner by the same post.

Believe me Yrs most faithfully
Alex. Fisher



4 Warwick Studios | Kensington. W. | 24.Dec.1897

Dear General Pitt Rivers

Yesterday I sent you a champlevé enamel on silver part translucent and part opaque. It has taken me some time to do & I hope that you will like it and that it is what you wanted. I have departed somewhat from the treatment of the subject in the earlier enamels. The angel here is standing whereas frequently he is kneeling. Also the trees at the back are symbols of the evangelists - representing the growth and justification of the gospel - The Virgin I have put kneeling, but have omitted the dove. Since this was subsequent to the Annunciation

With regard to the enamel itself - The principal point to be observed is the use of translucent enamels, in champlevé this was very very rarely done owing I suppose to the great difficulties which stood in the way. The other point is that the drawing and line is more natural, & not so conventional as the earlier ones. Also a greater variety of colour. With sincerest wishes to yourself & family for a pleasant Xmas believe me

I am yrs most truly

Alex Fisher

P.S. | Please excuse the haste with which this is written. But I hope the enamel speaks for itself (and today I am so very busy) - and you know the old work so well that more explanation I feel to be unnecessary | A.F.



4 Warwick Studios | Kensington. W. | 1 Jan.1897

Mr Fisher is extremely sorry to hear of General Pitt Rivers illness.

He is unable to come to day but will call at 11 o'clock on Monday (3rd) morning if convenient.



4 Warwick Studios | Kensington W |8.Oct.1898

To General Pitt Rivers

Dear Sir

I am doing the Annunciation panel in enamel over again, remedying the defects you pointed out. It will be finished very soon when I will send it on to you. I have thought a great deal about the Lama [sic – presumably Larmer] you wrote about as forming a subject for enamel. I should like to do it very much.

- introducing figures in a play as you suggested

- Could you send you send me photographs or drawings of the place upon which I might make a design – which I should be very glad to submit to you before carrying out

Yours faithfully
Alexander Fisher



Answered as to safe arrival

31 August 1899 4 Warwick Studios | Kensington | 29 August 1899

To General Pitt Rivers

Dear Sir

I have done the little annunciation panel over again. It has been exhibited at the Royal Academy. I have put it in a hammered silver frame which is partly gilt as being more suitable to the design. Sir Edward Pointer admired it very much. In work of this character the faces and hands are not expected to have all that finish and refinement which can be obtained in a painted enamel. If you do not want the silver setting I will remove it and put it into a wooden frame as before. The extra cost of this frame is £10. I shall be very sorry to alter it as so many people have admired it. I know that this enamel is very much better in every way than the other and hope that you will think so. It has been a pleasure for me to do it although there is much more work in it

Yours faithfully
Alex Fisher

I send it with this by post

Transcribed by AP for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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