S&SWM PR papers L1447

The Sunday Society | to obtain the opening of museum, art galleries, | libraries and gardens on Sundays | instituted in London August 6th 1875

Office - Princes' Rooms | 26 Regent Street S.W. | December 7th, 1895

[Subscription for £1 subscribed on Dec. 9/95 for 1896 H.G.]

Dear Sir.

Believing that you are interested in the movement for promoting a more reasonable observance of Sunday, we venture to draw your attention to the Sunday Society, in the hope that you will give it your co-operation and support.

In advocating the sunday opening of Museums, Art Galleries and Libraries, the Society endeavours not only to improve the observance of the day, but to remove the anomaly which now exists regarding our National Institutions, some of what, at Kew, Hampton Court, Dublin and Edinburgh, are opened on Sundays, whilst those in London, with the exception of Greenwich, remain closed.

The Society's important work connected with "Museums Sunday" - on which day this year 64 sermons were delivered in support of its object - and the efforts the Society has made to bring about an amendment of the Lord's Day Act of 1781, the Act by which Sunday Art Exhibitions have been closed and Scientific Lectures suppressed - have considerably taxed its resources, and therefore we appeal with every confidence for increased support.

An Annual Subscription of any amount constitutes Membership. Members receive tickets for the Exhibitions etc. opened by the Society from time to time, and subscribers of 10s. and upwards receive in addition, free by post, all publications issued by the Society. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to the Treasurer ...

Trusting we may receive a favourable response to our appeal,

We are, yours faithfully

Saml A Barrett President

Mark H. Judge Hon. Secretary

Herbert Freeman Assistant Secretary

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