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Herbert Spencer | Ansd. Aug 2/95

The Mount | Westerham | Kent | July 24, 1895

Dear General Pitt-Rivers

In giving a brief sketch of the early stages of human progress I am referring to your view concerning the development of  various implements out of the primitive stick or club. Being without my books here, and away from libraries, I cannot get access to your original paper on the matter. Possibly you can send me a [insert] copy of some [end insert] reprint of your original paper, but if not, would you be so kind as just to name the various implements which you proved to be thus naturally developed from a simple original type? I am merely briefly stating the facts as demonstrated by you and do not want details.

Not having this summer taken up my abode in Wiltshire I have not heard any reports of either your activities or your state of health. I hope you are keeping clear of your constitutional enemies, & that Mrs Pitt-Rivers also is well.

I am,
Truly yours,
Herbert Spencer

Typed reply

Copy | Rushmore | Salisbury | August 2nd, 1895

Dear Mr Herbert Spencer,

I have been obliged to send for the papers that I send you to-day from London, which accounts for the delay in answering your letter. Please remember they were written 28 years ago, and if you would kindly return them when done with I should be glad, as I have only 1 or 2 copies of them. There is besides the Catalogue of my Collection at S. Kensington, and now at Oxford (weapons), but that I think I need not send you.

I have marked in pencil some of the parts I thought might interest you, but I see that in Part II, I have marked it all, so you will have to choose.

I dont care about the first part much now, and think that many things might have been left unsaid and much better said.

I am very glad to see that you are still at your great work. I have been in a very poor state of health, having suffered from the same ailment for the last 13 years. But I keep on excavating here, and have just finished my 4th big volume of "Excavations in Cranborne Chase".

Yours very truly
A Pitt Rivers

L1393 19.9.1895 Letter from Spencer to Pitt-Rivers enclosing the [missing] brochures Pitt-Rivers had lent him and apologizing for not returning them before. Spencer comments '... they overwhelm me with information much of which I would gladly use had I at present space for it', Spencer also assumes that Pitt-Rivers, 'as a specialist', will have been greatly interested in the Anthropological Section of the British Association as he was 'as a generalist'. He closes by saying that he could not wish  Pitt-Rivers 'anything better than extensive finds of old remains'.

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