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Ansd Dec. 31/ 92

National Conservative Club | Pall Mall | Dec. 24.

Dear General Pitt-Rivers

I am much obliged for your letter, & kind encouragement of the matter of the "Archaelogia Oxoniensis'. It gets very inadequate support in Oxford where archaeologists are at present near for [? illegible] is yet settled about the future of the Ashmolean. The great thing is to have the promise of the series

You will see that the subject is broached in the present number of the O.A.

The difficulty will be getting [illegible] £100 per annum for keeping up the Museum. An [insert] hon. [end insert] Curator will be counted on ones finges and toes. Pray, if you have opportunity enlist as many supporters as possible, or the venture will not reach a second volume.

You will have, ere this, received Part II, in which there is a very good article by Mr H. Balfour. One of the objects is to draw attention to the more important contents of the Oxford Museums.

As regards the models, there is no necessity for preparing them for speedy transit no doubt he [illegible]

Yrs truly
J. Park Harrison

P.S. How many models are there in all? J.P.H.



[Ansd Dec.31/92]

Nat. Con. Club Pall Mall S.W. | Dec 28

Dear General Pitt-Rivers

I omitted, I believe, in my letter last week to explain that there is no hurry about the models of [illegible] since the Ashmolean will not be vacated at earliest before the commencement of 1894. What I should be glad to know at your early convenience is what space the models would require to shew them off to advantage.

The great point is [insert] I am in a position to mention [end insert] that you kindly offer the series in case the Ashmolean should be directed to order lecture casts, and allied purposes.

I am yrs truly

J. Park Harrison

James Park Harrison (1817-1901), an ecclesiastical architect, he edited Archaeologia Oxoniensis 1892-1895 (at least)

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