S&SWM PR papers L856


London 15 Piccadilly | April 27, 1892

General Pitt Rivers, F.R.S.

Dear Sir,

I have to thank you for favoring me with a copy of Vol III of your "Excavations

This volume is the crowning effort of your exertions.

You are a worthy rival of your predecessors in archaeological research viz. of Sir Richard Colt Hoare, and of S. Lysons. I have read the preface of the third volume, and note what you say on the subject of circulating your work.

Nevertheless I should be glad to know at what price any of my customers might buy a copy of the three volumes.

A noble Monumental work like yours should not be hidden. I think, if you would let me have say four sets for £20. I may find customers for them.

This would not be publishing, it would only be a means of making your better known. [sic]

You have had heavy expenses, not only with the Excavations and the bringing out these three volumes, that I think, you have done enough. I can hardly see why you should give many more copies away.

May I ask you, how many copies did you print, and how many have you left?

Your Portrait in vol III is excellent.

I remain, dear Sir,
Your very obedient servant
Bernard Quaritch

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