S&SWM PR papers L710

[Ans'd Oct. 1/91]


Sept. 16. 1891

Dear Sir,

As I wish to have the pleasure of knowing that the work of the Committee of the Manchester Art Museum is known to you, to whom all persons who care for human welfare ought to be grateful, I venture to send you various papers which describe the work.

I have been very much pleased to find that the advice given on page 28 of "Suggestions for a Guidebook to Life" has been taken by a considerable number of Manchester boys.

Should you ever visit Manchester, you would rewarded [?] in a service for which we should be very grateful if you would go through our Museum and give us advice as to its development. We have formed and placed in one of its rooms the first chapter of the Primer of Art which owes much of its interest to your successes. I am, dear Sir,

Yours faithfully

T.C. Horsfall

P.S. I do not know if your attention has been called to the need for connecting elementary schools with Museums. The [illegible] accompanying paper deals with that subject.

General Pitt Rivers

With letter is a printed double sheet of paper describing how the work of the Whitworth Committee might be progressed by associating with the Art Museum Committee. The AMC had 3 coordinated parts, one: to form a very comprehensive collection of works of Art at Ancoats Hall and provide teaching based on it for working people young and old; two: provide lending art collections to all elementary schools in Manchester; three: take parties of schoolchildren to public art galleries.

Transcribed by AP May 2011 as part of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project.

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