Pitt-Rivers' Residences

Homes occupied by Pitt-Rivers from birth to death

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Homes owned or occupied by Pitt Rivers

1827 - 1829

Hope Hall, Bramham, Yorkshire

1829 - 1832

Bramham Biggin, Yorkshire

1832 - 1841,
1841- ?1855

3 St James’s Square, London. Just north of Pall Mall, right in the centre of London. According to wikipedia, 'For its first two hundred or so years it was one of the three or four most fashionable residential address in London' though by the 1840s, according to the same source it was 'losing caste'




Hythe School of Musketry, Portsmouth


Malta, Turkey etc.


Chesham Street, Belgravia, London & Malta. Chesham Street is just north of Eaton Square, leading to Pont Street and was in fashionable Belgravia

1856 - 1857


From August 1857

Living at parents-in-laws house in Dover Street, London


Brompton Crescent, London (lodgings), now known as Egerton Crescent, Brompton, London [Thompson, 1977: 27]

1858 - 1862

Park Hill House, Clapham, London [Thompson, 1977: 27] Note that a letter to the Morning Post on 1.7.1861 gives his address as 1 Chesham Street, London (see 1855)


Canada & Ireland

1863 - 1865

7 Montenotte Road, Cork, Ireland [according to B388 S&SWM PR papers] & Chesham Street, London


10 Upper Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London

1873 - 1878

Uplands, Merrow, Guildford


30 Sussex [now Launceston] Place & Onslow Gardens, Kensington, London

1879 - 1881

19 Penywern Road, Earls Court. Other sources suggest that he lived at 19 and 21 Penywern Road between 1879 and 1881. 19-21 Penywern Road is now a Best Western Hotel, The Boltons. Volume 1 of the catalogue of the second collection suggests he was certainly there after 1880.

1880 or after

4 Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, London [Thompson, 1977: 52] He inherited this house with rest of the estate so he might not have moved in until late 1880 or 1881.

1880 and on

Rushmore House and estate He inherited the estate so he might not have moved in until late 1880 or 1881?


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