Object biographies

Information about items belonging to the founding collection at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

Miners' axes 1884.26.1-3
Ancient Egyptian Canopic Jars 1884.57.13-17.1 and 1884.67.28
Fijian Clubs 1884.12.101, 1884.12.115, 1884.12.105, 1884.12.104
Ancient Egyptian Flint knife 1884.140.82
Rethinking Marathon: two Ancient Greek spearheads 1884.120.42 and 1884.120.43
Ancient Egyptian boat 1884.81.10
Etruscan chalice 1884.37.83
Cedar bark cape 1884.140.1047
English model ship 1884.54.39
Chinese hair ornaments 1884.79.163 .1-5
Model archaeological monuments created for Pitt-Rivers 1884.140.85-97
Nuer headdress from Sudan 1884.32.3
African Manilla or penannular bracelet currency 1884.99.42
Human heart in a heart shaped cist from Ireland 1884.57.18
An Irish bronze brooch 1884.79.13
HMS Leopard 1884.54.44
Ten Queensland Photographs 1998.249.5.1-10
Dorset hag-stone 1884.56.3
Votive Rags from England 1884.140.331
An English Baker Rifle 1884.27.39
Staurolite crystals from Auray, Brittany, France. 1884.56.5, 1884.56.6, 1884.56.7

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