Farnham Museum

Items known to have been displayed at Farnham Museum, Pitt-Rivers private museum on his estate

Pitt-Rivers first started transferring objects to museum then known as the "Peasant's Museum, Farnham" in 1881 (the very first item in the very first volume is listed as being located there). There were nine display rooms and some ancillary accommodation. 16539 objects were known to have been located at Farnham and almost all have at least one location noted in the museum; only 451 objects (2.7 per cent) have an unknown location within the museum. The largest proportion of Pitt-Rivers' second collection was displayed at the museum at some point. Note that most items ended up there, possibly after some time elsewhere at Rushmore or Grosvenor Gardens but occasionally an object was transferred from Farnham Museum to Rushmore.

Of the known locations within the museum, the following total number of objects are known to have been located there at some point:

Front Hall = 1
Office = 36
Room 1 = 466
Room 2 = 82
Room 3 = 257
Room 4 = 666
Room 5 = 325
Room 6 = 6672
Room 7 = 4146
Room 8 = 456
Room 9 = 3734

It is not known why some of the rooms have so many more objects than others but it is likely to be something to do with the size of the objects, or the subject matter. A more detailed account of the Farnham Museum rooms will be provided later in the project. The three most densely displayed rooms were Rooms 6, 7 and 9 (in numerical order).  An overview of the contents as listed in the catalogue of the second collection held by Cambridge University Library is given here. A short account of what was in each room in 1929 is given here.


AP, 2 June 2010 updated August 2010.

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