Linden | Wellington Somerset | Sep. 24. 1882

Dear Gen'l Pitt-Rivers

Before long I suppose we may hear of your Museum being settled at Oxford. I am not only interested in this on public grounds, but the University establishing your Collection may affect a scheme suggested to me by Rolleston years ago, as to a Readership at Oxford which might help to bring Anthropology into the University course. If all goes right with your Museum, it is likely that I may be asked to give on or two lectures at Oxford with a view to some permanent appointment coming afterwards. All this is in the clouds as yet, but some months ago Max Müller asked me to drop on my way and see Moseley as Rolleston's successor, and some other men whose voices would be important in the matter. It looks as if something may come of it, thanks to the impulse given by you to Anthropology at the University. It is true that the appointment if made will be by no means a lucrative one, but I think I could do more effective work in such a position than anywhere else, while there is work left in me. Since I was at Oxford I have been expecting to meet you somewhere and talk to you about the idea, but as there seems no immediate prospect of seeing you I write instead, only adding that the people interested at Oxford are anxious that nothing should be said further at present, as to make it known would complicate matters

[L8 Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Pitt-Rivers papers]

Transcribed by AP as part of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project, 2011

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