Yapshi Langdun in his garden

Yapshi Langdun in his garden

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Frederick Spencer Chapman


Hugh E. Richardson

Date of Photo

August 28th 1936?

Named Person



Lhasa > Yapshi Langdun's House

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The Prime Minister, Yapshi Langdun, in his garden.

Further Information

Photographic Process

Print gelatin silver


British Diplomatic Mission to Lhasa 1936-37

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Donated to the British Museum in 1986 by Hugh E. Richardson

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CN.28 [view film roll]

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F. S. Chapman Collection in the Pitt Rivers Museum

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Other Information

Notes on print/mount - 'The Si Lon - Yab gzhi glang-rdun' has been written beneath the image in the album in pencil, apparently not by Hugh Richardson [MS 12/06/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Caption in Chapman's hand-written list of negatives made whilst on the Mission to Lhasa, 1936-7 [See PRM Manuscripts Collection]: 'Prime Minister in garden' [MS 25/03/2006]

Technical Information - This photograph has been made by zooming in on a section of a landscape-format photograph in which the garden area visible is extended to either side and in which a servant can be seen standing on the left hand side [see Draft Mission Album on loan from the Gould Family for display in temporary PRM exhibition "Seeing Lhasa: British depictions of the Tibetan Capital", 2003-04]. Chapman took another photograph of the Prime Minister on this occasion, which is a close-up portrait [CN.29] in the same location. However, in this image, the Prime Minister looks unsmilingly at the camera, reflecting the more reserved behaviour towards the Mission staff that was recorded in the Mission Diary for this day [see 'Setting', below]. [MS 25/03/2006]

Other Information - Album: This image appears alongside two others on page 23 of Hugh Richardson's album 'Lhasa 1936' [MS 12/06/2006]

Other Information - Related Images

Other Information - Related Images: Images prefixed with 'CN' comprise a group of negatives containing images of flood waters on journey to Lhasa, views of flooded Kyi Chu valley, Norbhu, Gyaltsen, head syce and pony, Ladakhi traders, Parade guard of honour, Regent’s house, Regent, Prime Minister, Turquoise bridge, Potala. They all seem to have been taken between August 23rd - 28th 1936, with this particular image being taken on August 28th [MS 25/03/2006]

Other Information - Setting

Other Information - Setting: Mission Diary entry for August 28th 1936: " [After visiting the Regent] We then went on to make a private call on the Prime Minister, where presents were also presented. He was not so easy to get on with and remained very much the official, seated on a ceremonial divan at a higher level than us. It is noticeable that the Regent himself, and all the Shapes when entertaining us have sat in the room with us, and have also given us European tea. Whereas the Longchen remained on ceremony and only gave us Tibetan tea" ['Lhasa Mission, 1936: Diary of Events', Part IV p. 2b, written by Neame] [MS 25/03/2006]

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