1936 - 1937 Mission Diary

The official diary of the Gould mission to Lhasa sent by the British government. Read more about the mission diary.

Thursday, 22nd October.

We lunched with Tsarong Shape today. Trimon and Tendon, Shapes were also there. We were relieved to find only a few excellently cooked dishes a pleasant change after the interminable superfluity of courses that makes us dread an invitation to lunch.

Tsarong's house, an attractive blending of English and Tibetan styles and materials, is the largest and most comfortable in Lhasa.; while Tsarong himself is not only the most influential and capable man in Lhasa, but as a host would excel in any country.

Author: Frederick Spencer Chapman [see handwritten annotations in Diary by Hugh Richardson in MS. Or. Richardson 2, Bodleian Libary, Department of Oriental Collections, University of Oxford]

Page Reference: Pt VIII p.2

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