Thesiger's Journeys in Arabia - Jabal Qara Mountains, Oman 1945

2004_130_43_1-O2004_130_43_1-OJourney dates: October 14 - November 4, 1945

This series of images was taken in the Jabal Qara region between October 14 and November 4, 1945. While awaiting the arrival of his Bedouin travelling party in Salalah, Thesiger embarked on a short camel journey through the nearby Jabal Qara Mountains. Escorted by four retainers of the Wali of Salalah, the party travelled up the Wadi Jarsis, crossed the Kismim pass, and continued through the Wadi Nihiz region. During this trip, Thesiger took a series of remarkable portraits of local Bayt Qatan, Shara and Al Kathir tribesmen, and a number of stunning views from high in the Jabal Qara, overlooking the mountains' rolling grassy slopes and vast, rocky wadis.

Locations: Jabal Qara, Kismim Pass, Wadi Jarsis, Wadi Nihiz

Named Individuals: None

Represented Cultural Groups: Qara Region tribes (Arabian), Bayt Qatan (Arabian Tribe), Shara (Arabian Tribe), Al Kathir Bedouin


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