Thesiger's Journeys in Arabia - Yemen 1945

2004_130_78_1-O2004_130_78_1-OJourney dates: September 24 – October 7, 1945

The photographs in this series illustrate Wilfred Thesiger's short stopover in the Aden Protectorate (a former British Protectorate governing parts of southern Yemen) during his journey from England to Oman in the autumn of 1945. Thesiger landed in the city of Aden on September 24, 1945, and spent the following two weeks travelling through nearby interior regions in Abyan and Ad Dali Governorates. There are a number of remarkable images in this series showing the vibrant life of rural market villages and towns in these mountainous regions. Highlights of this series include portraits of Yemen's Jewish population in the city of Ad Dali, and images of the everyday environment of market sellers and townspeople in the cities of Ad Dali and Lowdar.

Locations: Ad Dali, Lowdar

Named Individuals: None

Represented Cultural Groups: Jewish Yemeni


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