S&SWM PR papers L2550

Dear General Pitt Rivers

Mr Wareham called today, & he examined all my bric a brac, & he said that all the China including the tiles would be well worth 25 guineas. And that a purchaser would have to give more if he bought them out of a shop. I write to ask you whether you would give me 25 guineas & let me convey the whole of the china & tiles to your house in Grosvenor Gardens. You will be sorry to hear that my dear father aged 86 had a [illegible] stroke Saturday & is not expected to live

I am so thankful to be with him. I havse been nowhere since Saturday, though my nurse is part of Lady Salisbury's party. I sent my [illegible] & neice Edith Piggott

Yrs sincerely
Isabel Burton

23 Dorset St | Portman Sq | July 29

This letter must date after the death of Richard Francis Burton in October 1891, Isabel Burton disposed of his collection and manuscripts. Pitt-Rivers did not buy the china or tiles, or at least they are not listed in the catalogue of the second collection under Richard Burton or Isabel Burton's names.

Transcribed by AP for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project in July-August 2011

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