S&SWM PR papers L2508

Fielding ans'd

107 Queens Gate

My dear Pitt Rivers

Although I believe you have given away your great collection of antiquities I hear that you still buy and I have some which I want to sell & if you don't care to buy them you may perhaps like to see them as I believe they are not to be beat in their way. They are chiefly old glass which were found in a tomb at Malta whilst I was there. Altogether there were over 60 articles in the same tomb, mostly terra cotta urns full of bones, but amongst them 2 of the finest glass bottles I have ever seen. There is nothing like them in the Brit: Museum or in the Museum at Naples. I gave £30 for the lot and am willing to take same sum. They are quite thrown away with me and I want the room. I have also some pretty glass from Halicaruapus which I will throw in with the rest. Should you care to see them it would be best to let me know when you will call although I am generally at home in the forenoon.

Believe me yrs very truly

P. Fielding

There is one item in the catalogue of the second collection which is related to Percy Fielding, but not this collection of glassware. Given the uncertainty about dates, this collection does not also not form part of the founding collection.

Transcribed by AP for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project in July-August 2011

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