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Miss Webb

Ansd May 11/98

Newstead Abbey | Nottingham

May 7th 98

Dear General Pitt Rivers

When I was in Egypt this winter, I saw a little earthenware thing, in the shape of a crocodile, I believe it is used for rubbing the hard skin on the soles of the feet, to keep the soles in good condition, you will see that it is rough underneath, on the base the crocodile sits on. I thought it rather original & did not remember having seen one like it in your Museum, so got you one. I send it by parcel post & hope it may arrive unbroken. When we were at Assouan, the Commandant there, told me that a friend of his, had some very curious chain-armour, it was made differently to any other, but I could not quite make out how, if you would like to know however, I could write to Assouan & get the name of the man who has the chain armour, he is the one who understands such things - I thought it just possible it might by the same make as that on the effigy in your church, I remember you telling me, that there not [sic] a known example of it, in existence this armour, having come from Soudan may be very old. one or two crusaders swords have been bought from there, but there are very very few & all known, & of course, the prices given for them are huge. I hope you are well again, & strong & not standing about too much in this weather. The temperature seems never the same 2 hours together. My very best regards to you & Mrs Pitt Rivers

Believe me
yours sincerely
Geraldine K Webb

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