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55 High St | Wandsworth | S.W. | Sept 18/ 8


I have a collection of stone & bone implements which I should be pleased to show you when in town, as I know you are interested in any thing prehistoric. It includes, a Thames series Palaeolithic & Neolithic arrow hd [sic] knives scrapers as well as larger things Horn hammers, [insert] flint [end insert] axes etc & a unique [insert] stone [end insert] hammer. A Palaeolithic series from this place also of my own finding, containing specimens like Canon Greenwells High Lodge "side scraper;" & Le Moustier "chopper" I have also a general collection but these, of course were [illegible because smeared] interesting.

Hoping to have the pleasure of a visit any Thursday or Friday

I remain
Yours sincerely
G.F. Lawrence

Pitt-Rivers did not purchase items from Lawrence, according to the second collection catalogue until 1897. The date of the letter is confusing, it might be 1898 in which case there are several options to match (in which case the L number is misplaced as too early in the series of letters at S&SWM PR papers which are arranged chronologically).



30.12.1896 From | Geo. F. Lawrence | 7 West Hill | Wandsworth S.W. | To: General Pitt Rivers F.R.S.

Dear Sir

I have already had several applications for the hoe & naturally am somewhat in doubt as to its value. I am not very anxious to part with it at present, as I have only had it a few days - & as I have had it such a short time I should not be inclined to part with it unless I had a good offer. it is perfectly genuine in every way & I am advised that it is worth at least fifty guineas as no such thing is likely to be found again - it would not be safe to send but ought to be taken by hand. Of course if the price is prohibitive, I am always open to an offer.

With compliments & best wishes for the new Year

I am
Yours most obediently
Geo Lawrence

It is not clear which this object is, and whether Pitt-Rivers decided to buy it.



7 West Hill | Wandsworth | S.W. | Sept 8/97

Dear Sir

I now send a few things which I hope will interest you I found a good number of stone implements at Icklingham & Stow but they are not so numerous as formerly.

I found there were at least three Barrows unopened yet & I hope next year to have a turn at them.

Arrowheads still occur & I got two very nice small knives some worn scrapers & flakes & a few scrapers, as fine as any I have seen. I expect that you have as many of the ordinary stone things that you would not care for them or any of them. One thing struck me as very curious - so many of the most prolific spots are enclosed by a low bank at each side but they (the enlosed spot) are all square in form & I therefore presume that they are not [insert] of [end insert] British [insert] origin [end insert] there are a number of old trackways leading from the low level [insert] road [end insert] to the high ground where the best things occur & the whole place seems a gigantic puzzle to me, who knows nothing of military matters.

I am
Yours most obediently
Geo. F. Lawrence

I had intended selling the Wandle find, in one lot but have parted them for you the only collector to whom I have yet offered them

Pitt Rivers accessioned into his second collection catalogue several items in September 1897 from Lawrence, Add.9455vol6_p1794 /3, Add.9455vol9_p2317 /9-11, Add.9455vol9_p2318 /18-19, 30, Add.9455vol9_p2323 /11-13, Add.9455vol9_p2326 /11-12, 20, Add.9455vol9_p2330 /1-5, Add.9455vol9_p2332 /18, Add.9455vol9_p2334 /1, Add.9455vol9_p2355 /3



Geo. F. Lawrence | 7 West Hill | Wandsworth S.W. | May 16 1898

Dear Sir

I am expressly obliged by your keeping so many of the things I ventured to send you. I think you did right in keeping the stone club, it is to my mind unique - I have never seen one before & of course could have sold it readily, but your kindness to me compels me to submit to you anything I may get that appears of interest, before showing it elsewhere.

Canon Greenwell writes me to say that Sir John Evans said when he presented the Canons portrait, that the Canon had a finder English bronze coll'n than Sir John but that Sir John had a finer foreign one.

The Canon certainly has the finest series of swords I have ever seen both in condition & variety, but I think this Knockans spear head fig 411 Evans bronze is without exception the finest piece of bronze work I have ever handled & the rich golden colour is exquisite To show the curious connexion of types I got him some years ago a spear head from the Thames identical with one he has from Eoford Northumberland fig 405 he said they might have been made in the same mould. this is curious as the type is very unusual.

I am extremely obliged to you for the cheque to hand & I beg to enclose with compliments & many thanks

I am
yours obediently
Geo F. Lawrence

Mr Boynton has permission to finish the excavations at the so called "Danes Graves" where he found the enamelled wheel headed pin I wish him every success

It is not clear exactly which set of objects Lawrence is referring to as he sold quite a few objects to Pitt-Rivers in early 1898

Transcribed for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project by AP June-July 2011

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