S&SWM PR papers L1690


Ansd | Jones | Ansd Nov. 17/96

Holwell | Cranborne | Nov. 14. 96

Dear Sir

Allow me to thank you very much for the views of the Larmer Grounds you so very kindly sent me they are really most exquisite & I shall value them very much indeed.

I am sending you by this post a small bronze article I picked up in Cranborne Church yard this week, whilst a grave was being dug, by the foundations of the old Priory, I thought perhaps you may know what it is, & if you would care to keep it, please do not trouble to return it

Again thanking you for your kindness

I am, yours very obediently
Tom. H. Jones

Gen: Pitt Rivers

This probably refers to Add.9455vol4_p1473 /3, it is not clear which views he is referring to, or why Pitt-Rivers sent them to him.




Holwell | Cranborne | 19 Nov 96

Dear Sir

I have to again thank you for your kind Consideration in sending me the book on "King John's House", which, to me, is very interesting & I need not add, I shall value it greatly.

For many years I assisted the late Dr Smart, who was Confined to his room the greater part of the year, so naturally feel deeply interested in any "finds", which I usually handed to him, or several specimens of pottery & other things I found in the Church yard he sent to the Dorset Museum.

In future I purpose with (your permission) forwarding anything discoveries worth sending to you.

Again thanking you for your kindness.

I am, Dear Sir,
Your obediently

P.S. I will send you first opportunity a few fragments of pottery &c found by myself a few years ago in an old Kiln, adjoining a Roman settlement here, & near a very find spring, [insert] from [end insert] which the late Dr Smart thought this place derived its name, viz Holwell or Holy Well, near this is a hill called "Roake" (St Roch  patron of cripples) not far from the top of this hilll is a place, or village called Cripplestyle. Dr Smart was of opinion that the Romans believed this spring or well to have some healing virtues



Holwell | Cranborne | 3 Dec.

Dear Sir

I have today sent you (as promised in my letter of 19th Nov, when writing to thank you for the book you so kindly sent me) a box, to be left at Butts the saddler, at Handley till call'd for. Containing fragments of pottery &c found in & near an old kiln here.

You will think them poor specimens, but I have sent you the best pieces, & if you care to keep any, or all, please do so.

In my letter of 19th I gave particulars of places &c where found (which according to the late Dr Smart) leads to the belief of a Roman settlement here - any further information I shall be only too pleased to give if wanted. I may mention all the pieces sent were found, with the exception of those marked, "found in Cranborne Church yard" about 30 yards from the spring or pond referred to in my last letter. The Kiln being about 6 ft deep, in chalk soil.

I am, Dear Sir,
Yours very obediently

Gen: Pitt-Rivers

Transcribed for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project by AP June 2011

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