S&SWM PR papers L1635

MacCallum Ansd Aug. 29/ 96

47 Bedford Gardens | Kensington W. | August 27/96

Dear General Fox Pitt Rivers

I am arranging an Exhibition illustrating a 1000 miles on the Nile at Graves 6 Pall Mall I am showing a few things, curios and other articles Geological artistic &c along with my own 60 pictures.

Could you possibly lend me one of three flint Bangles you had from me, and one of the flint knives?

They will be taken every care of put into a glass case and if you like they shall be insured

With kind regards to the Lady's [sic] and yourself

I am Faithfully
Your obd servant
A MacCallum

These items do not appear to be in the catalogue of the second collection, or the founding collection. This appears to be Andrew MacCallum who is probably the person associated with 4 canopic jars to the British Museum. He was a landscape and Naval painter, 1821-1902 it would appear, although another source suggests he was Sir Andrew MacCallum who discovered a rock chamber tomb in the Temple of Abu Simbel in 1874. The knife was probably 1884.140.82. This is mentioned in page 386 and Plate XXXI of 'On the Discovery of Chert Implements in Stratified Gravel in the Nile Valley Near Thebes'

I am grateful to Alice Stevenson for pointing out these references and also the fact that Pitt-Rivers spells his name McCallum in the article.

Transcribed by AP June 2011


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