S&SWM PR papers L1522

Ansd Mar. 6/96 | Reinach

... Direction des Musees  Nationaux | Musée de St Germain | ... Le 3 Mars 1896

Dear Sir

Many thanks for that admirable to the Larmer Grounds, the process illustrating are as fine as any in the Century Magazine and much superior to what we generally get from England. I am much interested by pl. 12 (room in King John's House) on account of the fine pottery; judging by the little I can see, your Bellini mst be quite first rate.

I have just given orders to our Atelier to prepare for your museum a collection of casts from our prehistoric carvings. I dont include the Uhryngen reindeer, thinking that you must have that already. If not, please give me notice on a postal card. The whole shall be ready and dry in about three weeks. We are very glad to find an opportunity of returning your kindness

Believe me, dear Sir, faithfully yours

Solomon Reinach

The casts are presumably Add.9455vol3_p1263 /1 and on.

Transcribed for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project by AP June 2011

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