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Whittaker [sic] | Ansd Aug 18/95

33 East Park Terrace | Southampton | 16 Aug 95

Dear General

As I now see a chance of getting into your neighbourhood & of doing myself the pleasure of paying you that visit which I have long looked forward to, I write to ask whether it would be convenient if I were to be with you just at the end of the month.

I fear that you may be thinking then of little else than [2 words illegible] But please don't scruple to put me off, if the following suggestion does not thoroughly suit your convenience.

I want to visit a colleague, at Salisbury, before the Brit. Assoc. meeting. He will be away, on holiday, till the 31st: so it struck me that I might go to you that afternoon & have the Sunday with you, going on to Salisbury on Monday Sept.2.

I might, instead, go to you (from Salisbury) in the afternoon of Sat. 7 Sept. But I expect that I ought to be at home at that time; for it is very likely that I may have to start early in the morning of Mon. 9 Sept, for London, where I have some business to do  before going on to Norwich the next day.

As I'm Pres. Elect of the Geol. Section, I hope to have your support at the meeting.

Please don't scruple to negative the above notion.

Yours very truly

W Whitaker

I suppose that in collecting weapons you ignore such atrocious modernisms as sword-sticks! I happen to have 2 types, both fairly old, & one with a fine blade. Shall be glad to hand over, if of any service. One is a prodder, with a short blade coming out with a spring.



Whittaker [sic] | Ansd Aug 27/95

33 East Park Terrace | Southampton | 25 Aug. 95

Dear General

I'm sorry that I can't manage to stop with you beyond the Monday morning, when I must get to Salisbury, but I can start early on Saturday, so as to leave a bit of a ramble on that day, if it will suit you.

I find that, for morning trains, the Blandford route is the better: by starting from S.West at 9.14 I can get to B. at 10.57, whereas the equivalent journey to Tisbury means catching the 8.29 train at Northern.

I will however do what suits you best, by going to Blandford I shall have the advantage of a different route to that by which I must come back, & there's something in that, especially to someone who likes to see everything, in the way of country.

I will gladly take the sword sticks with me, & have them properly bestowed

Yours very truly
W Whitaker

William Whitaker obviously did stay with Pitt-Rivers because there are 3 items from him in the second collection catalogue, see Add.9455vol3_p1191 /1-3, a word lock, and the two sword-sticks he promised.



Whittaker [sic] | Ansd Sept. 11/95

33 E. Pk Terr | Soton |6 Sept. 95

Dear General

The stick-dagger has turned up, so I now send it. The top brass is somewhat loose, but the prodder shakes out fairly.

I also enclose the word-lock. The word is G u l f (which should be duly registered). The letters must be brought in line with the marks on the side. It seems to be a fair specimen.

I am glad to be able to contribute to your Museum, & wish that I could do more

I wonder whether you would care for any of the shoe-soles noticed in the enclosed bit of Revise of a G.S. Memoir If so that bit of print might serve for a label.

A chunk of the Royal George would hardly be of service, unless to show the commencement of peatiness. I have also a like specimen from under Old London Bridge.

I had a very pleasant time with you, & on Tuesday came across an old friend, now a Wilts. Rector, who I had not seen for many years. He is at Sherrington, & his rectory adjoins the peculiar moated mound by the river, which I hope he will annex to his garden.

On the Monday I saw another river-fortress, though much larger, but I forget whether it was at Berwick St James or Mapleford. Are these Saxon in part at [illegible]?

In that district the Chalk block is worked for road-metal.

By the way, in driving into Berwick St John, on Monday, I saw a small pit that seemed to show 2 layers of flint, close to the bottom of the Chalk. I've seen the like near Maiden Newton & other westerly sites.

Yours very truly
W Whitaker

Transcribed by AP June 2011

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