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Ansd Apr. 9/95

The Burlington Fine Arts Club | 17 Savile Row, W. | London | 30 March 1895

My dear General

This club is about to have a show of Egyptian Art & Antiquity - I write on behalf of the Comm'ee to invite you to contribute to it some of yr. Egypt'n things.

We don't want very large ones, as we have limited space.

Hoping you will see yr. way to sending some thing

I am with best regards to Mrs Pitt Rivers & yourself

Yrs very sincly
FG Hilton Price

P.S The show will be in May - but we are getting in things directly



17, Collingham Gardens | South Kensington, | S.W.

London | 21 May 1896

My dear General

I enclose you herewith the sketch of the Egyptian staff, w'ch I delayed giving you an answer upon sooner as I wished to consult Dr Budge thereon. The following is the interpretation "Grant a venerable old age in the Temple of Amen to the Ka of the doorkeeper of Amen; a happy exit may he make for him and a place of great dignity".

We have had another meeting today upon the Ancient Monuments question it is not only Prehistoric Monuments we wish to have protected, but historical likewise, such as castles Cathedrals, Churches, Chapels Corporation & private buildgs. of interest & certain Roman remains. We have requested the Foreign Office to furnish us with details of the systems adopted on the continent & the manner in wh. it works. We have paid an acknowledgement & the F.O. will give instructions for the information to be furnished to us.

Add.9455vol4_p1281 With best regards
Yrs vy sincl

Transcribed by AP June 2011

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