S&SWM PR papers L1165

22 Piazza d'Ara Coli | Rome | 27 Jan. 1895

My dear Augustus

I have been making Enquiries at Nelli's about Bronzes & I find that they are considerably lower in price than they were some years ago.

I went with Costa & we saw Canova's Boxers - full size - a little over 6 feet he asked for these 3000 francs each. There is the Mercury of the Uffici [sic] at Florence - 2500 fr. then there is the boy picking the thorn from his foot rather smaller these were the principal bronzes I noticed - & I daresay less would be taken for them than was asked.

If there is any special one you would wish to have I could ask about it. I suppose you have been nearly snowed up at Rushmore.

If there is anything else I can do for you here I shall be very glad. I hope you & Alice are well

Yours affectly
AC Stanley

A bronze that matches the description given in the letter is photographed in the family art collection album, described as 'Boy extracting a thorn from his foot, bronze; by F. Evangelisto. Obtained at Naples' Date Modern'. It is not clear if this is the same item.

This is probably Reverend Algernon Charles Stanley, Alice's younger brother, 1843-1928.

Transcribed by AP May/ June 2011

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