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P.O. 5/- sent on Jan 19/ 95

21 Winchester Avenue | Brondesbury NW | Dec 31st/ 94


I trust you will pardon me the liberty I take in addressing you but as I am leaving for India in a few weeks I am obliged to sell all my Books, Prints, medals, etc, and I thought that perhaps this old medal of Gentleman [?] Pitt might be of some interest to you price 5/=

I hope that you care for it sufficiently well to retain.

Again apologizing & asking the favour of a reply

I am, Sir,
Yours obediently
W. Harman

General Pitt-Rivers, F.R.S. 4 Grosvenor Gardens SW.

This is Add.9455vol3_p906 /4 only referred to as an afternote.



21 Winchester Avenue | Brondesbury NW | Jany 26/95


I beg respectfully to thank you for P.O. value 5/- for medal sent

I have a very good engraving framed, of William Pitt, price 15/- which I should be happy to send for your inspection.

Trusting you will allow me to do so

I am, Sir,
Yours obediently
W Harman

General Pitt-Rivers

Pitt-Rivers does not appear to have bought this engraving.

Transcribed for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project by AP June 2011

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