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Society of Arts | John Street, Adelphi, | London, W.C. | May 26 1892

Dear Sir

The writer of the enclosed is a member of the Society. You will see at the end of this letter he asks me to send it on to you, which I have pleasure in doing.

Yours faithfully
H.J. Wood

Genl. Pitt-Rivers F.R.S. | Rushmore, Salisbury


[Ans'd 26]

5 Church Court | Clements Lane | London E.C. May 25th 1892

My Dear Sir

Mr George Joslin of Beverley Road Colchester has placed his private museum of Anglo Roman Antiquities in my hands for sale. This collection included a very fine memorial stone with the figure of a Roman Centurion of the 20th Legion half life size in high relief under a canopy with inscription also a series of figurines & statuettes in terra cotta etc etc arranged in 126 groups & catalogued by the late John Edward Price. F.S.A. F.R.S.L. in 1888 as 1241 pieces also 688 Roman coins consisting of large middle & small brass 70 of which are silver or billon also 326 other coins (Roman) in bad condition.

The town of Colchester have offerred [sic] £2000 for this collection which is all they can raise for such a purpose but as Mr Joslin values this collection at considerably more than double this price he does not feel that he can [insert] afford to [end insert] sacrifice it to his town for such a figure although he would have gladly made a considerable reduction for such an object

It at once occurred to me that you are more likely than anyone else to know who amongst our many antiquities is seeking such a collection & I have therefore ventured to give you the foregoing particulars If you do not may I beg the favour of your passing this letter with a few lines to Major Pitt Rivers whose interesting lecture at the society of arts upon the same subject leads me to think he will be interested in endeavouring to keep this collection in England & not allow it to be sent to America as is Mr Joslin's intention as to final resource.

Apologizing for troubling you in such a matter believe me to be

Yours very faithfully
Oliver J. Williams

To: The secretary the Society of Arts

Pitt-Rivers does not seem to have taken Williams or Joslin up on his offer, the collection was eventually sold to Colchester Museum, find out more about it in this PDF on page 8, 'Mr Joslin's pride and joy' by James Fawn and an illustration of the tombstone of Marcus Favonius Facilis of the XX Legion.

Transcribed by AP, June 2011

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