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British Museum London W.C. | April 7 1892

My dear Pitt Rivers

I have been visiting [?] to hear from Mr Tomlinson about the glass from the tombs near Nazareth. He has now written & accepts the £18 for the specimens you [illegible] He does not however seem anxious to part with any more as he is able to get  better price at Liverpool than here. Probably owing to the ignorance of the Liverpudlians. I have had the glass packed & sent it herewith you can send me a cheque to Mr. T.E. Tomlinson.

I am sending you at the same time two Japanese pots. J.125 is from the Gowland Coll'n which he made in Japan. The precise locality is uncertain. Inside are the Corean style of marks. Probable date before 8th century A.D. No more specimens are to be had as the Government have stopped all excavations in old tombs; at least so says Mr Basil Hale Chamberlain. The other specimen is from the collection made by Siebold the younger & is nice on account of the remains of glaze in the bowl; said to be due to the wood used in baking. It was found at Tampo-ichi province of Yamoto & may be even older than the other. Satow wrote an account of this early pottery with illustrations in Asiatic Soc. Japan about 10 years ago.

I do not see why I should not pay for the little red pot, as it was only in those terms I asked for to sell it to me [sic]

[illegible salutation]
Augustus W. Franks

See Add.9455vol3_p799 /2 and on for these items of glassware, Add.9455vol3_p795 /6 for the Gowland pot and Add.9455vol3_p795 /7 for the other




British Museum | W.C. 25 April 1892

My dear Pitt Rivers

I send you the parcel of flints from Le Moustier & hope it will reach you in time.

As you know this station stands nearly by itself in France, as there are a few implements of the true drift type found there, of which however I have none to spare. They are not of the St Acheul thick & pointed type, but flat oval implements like Abbeville. One of the Peculiarities of Le Moustier are the strange choppers, of which I send you two good examples, & which are not unlike the flints from one station in Suffolk.

Ever yours truly
Augustus W. Franks

I would also send you a smaller series of flints from B... [illegible] found [illegible] wonderful carvings in mammoth ivory & reindeer horn, but they are of [illegible] cave forms & small



British Museum W.C. | Nov 26. 1892

My dear Pitt-Rivers

I have never heard from you whether I can have the pleasure of seeing you at my dinner on Wednesday next, Holborn Restaurant, 6.45 or not & I scarcely like filling up your place til I hear that you are not coming.

Yours truly
Augustus W. Franks

Transcribed by AP May/ June 2011 for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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