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[Ans'd Told to send it on approval Sep 18/91]

439 Old Kent Road S.E. | 1st September 1891


Through the death of my mother I come into possession of an ancient antique Arms Crest and Motto of your noble ancestor which was engraved so far back as some time in the seventeenth century it having been in one family over 100 years. It is a steel engraving in splendid preservation and very nicely mounted and framed and measures about 12 by 14 inches.

Having made some genealogical researches and after tracing, searching and researching I find that this ancient antique Arms Crest and Motto were those of that great and celebrated nobleman George Pitt Baron Rivers of Stratfieldsay one of the [illegible] of his majesty's bedchamber colonel of the militia of the county of Dorset and Doctors of Laws. This nobleman was born 1720, and several times elected to represent the borough of Shaftesbury in the county of Dorset. He was constituted Nov'r 1761 envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentary to the court of Turin, which office he resigned in the year 1768, and was farther appointed March 1770 ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentary to the court of Madrid. He returned to this country on the following year, and was created by King George the third Baron Rivers of Stratfieldsay. He was constituted 13 May 1780 Lord Lieutenant and custor [illegible] of the county of Southampton which office he exchanged 6th April 1782 for that of one of the Lords of his majesty's bedchamber.

Being in straitened circumstances and thinking you would like to possess this very old piece I venture to ask you whether you would purchase the same for which I should be pleased to accept 1 guinea and would send it on first for your approval.

An early answer will greatly oblige as I shall refrain from disposing until I have received your reply

I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient Servant
Ernest Day



[Cheque £1.1.0 sent Oct 21/ 91]

439 Old Kent Road | S.E. | 16 October 1891


I must apologize for the undue delay which has unfortunately taken place in answer to your letter (for which I am very much obliged to you for) with reference to the ancient antique Arms Crest and Motto of your noble ancestor, the reason being a very sad and sudden death that has taken place in our family which called me away from home, I having had to attend the inquest and have had a deal of very urgent business to attend to for the Widow and children, that being the reason for the delay.

I have, however, this day very carefully packed and sent on to you, per Pickford & Co., the ancient antique Arms Crest and Motto of your noble ancestor of whom I have already given you a full detailed acct of, and being in very straitened circumstances may I ask you for an early reply as I am greatly in want of a little money

I have the honour to be Sir
Your most obed't Servant
Ernest Day

This is Add.9455vol3_p756 /3. There is a letter from Ernest Day to Pitt-Rivers trying to sell him another document see L527 S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers dated 5.9.1888, presumably Pitt-Rivers did not purchase that document.

Transcribed by AP May 2011 as part of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project.


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