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58 Acre Lane London, S.W. | Nov 15- '88

Dear Sir,

Acting on your suggestion I have made copies, (two only for the moulds were accidentally destroyed) of the remarkable round bottomed urn, and of the small 4 looped urn, from Kingston Deverill. One of each I have given to Mr Franks, and one of each I have sent to your address by parcels post, this afternoon. As they are from your own neighbourhood - almost within the limit of your your [sic] own archaeological preserves, they will I hope be of interest to you.

As they are from the specimen in the Society's Museum, I have mentioned the circumstances to Mr Smith.

You will find the notice of these vessels in Anc. Wilts. I 45, 46 - a note on the convex one p. 46.

I am having them, and a large "double" urn from Crendon, photographed and and [sic] hope to mention them in a note in the Wilts Mag.

I remain
Dear Sir
your faithful serv't
W. Cunnington

The process used I have found useful in modelling delicate objects - to cover them with tissue paper, before taking the moulds

These are Add.9455vol2_p459 /2-3.

Transcribed by AP May 2011 as part of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project.

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