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Egyptian Hall | 25 July 1888

My dear Sir

Will it be convenient to you to take charge of your two portraits before next Tuesday? We require to clear out everything before August, and are now packing up. There is a box for the mummy if you wish to send it to the country. I shall be here every day till the packing is done, & ready to deliver your things. I have put aside a perfect flint knife & five other good pieces, all circ. 1400 B.C. for you, as you wished for some examples.

The mummy portrait was settled at £27, the other portrait £18, & I presume £5 will not be out of the way for the flints: £50 in all

Yours very truly
W.M. Flinders Petrie

See Add.9455vol2_p444 /2-11.

This portrait has been sold by Christies, see here.

According to Alice Stevenson, 'Petrie excavated a large number of these from Hawara in 1887/1888. See:

Petrie, W.M.F. 1889. Hawara, Biahmu, and Arsinoe. London.
Petrie, W.M.F. 1890. Kahum, Gurob, and Hawara. London.
Petrie,W.M.F. 1913. The Hawara portfolio : paintings of the Roman age found by W. M. Flinders Petrie, 1888 and 1911. London.



[Flinders Petrie Ansd Nov 22/ 92]

8 Crescent Rd, Bromley, Kent. | 18 Nov 92

My dear Sir

I am very sorry to hear that you have been laid by. I did not miss your coming to see the collection, as I have not been in London for two months now, owing to a bad cold &c. So nothing has been distributed yet. From Medum there was only some small samples of colours. From Tell el Amarna (XVIII dyn) there are colours, glazes, glazed pendants & moulds for making them, glass working flints, & Aegean pottery; besides sculptures, of which there are plenty of smal pieces in different materials. I shall be glad to put you by a selection of all these, as technical specimens, if you wish for them.

All the important pieces will go to the Ashmolean as a whole series.

You very kindly sent me your first two volumes on Cranbourne [sic] Chase, and I should much value the other on Bokerly and Wansdyke.

Yours very truly
W.M. Flinders Petrie.

There are no items from Petrie in the catalogue of the second collection which were acquired in 1892 or 1893 so it seems Pitt-Rivers did not want any items



Ansd | Sept 6/95

University College | Grove St | London W.C. | 4 Sept 95

My dear Sir,

Shall I send down for your museum a selection of the pottery of the New Race? If you will accept it, it will give me much pleasure. I have not yet got the photo prints of your knife handle; so I have not yet drawn it, as I hope to do

Yours sincerely

W.M. Flinders Petrie

These are Add.9455vol3_p1192 /1 and on

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