S&SWM PR papers P128


Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education

South Kensington Museum

22nd day of June 1880

Forwarded from the Museum, Science and Art Department, London S.W.

102 Copies - Pamphlet on the arrangement of Anthropological Collection at Bethnal Green Museum

W.G. Groser

Major Gen. Pitt-Rivers F.R.S. | 19 Pen-y-wern Road | S.W.


Forwarded from the Museum, Science and Art Dept,

1 levelling rod,
12 volumes of books and 32 plates
64 maps
1 carved wooden box
1 Russian enamelled scabbard containing short sword
11 books (7 volumes and 4 pamphlets)
2 articles of female dress

as lent on 24th ultimo

W.G. Groser

Major Gen'l Pitt-Rivers F.R.S. |29 Pen-y-wern Road | Earl's Court | S.W.

On back says 2.10.1880 Objects returned from lot from Clermont Ferrand


Transcribed August 2011 by AP for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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