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Cloth Copy * | Sent Dec 29/98

Ethnographical Department | (Pitt Rivers Collection) | University Museum | Oxford | 23.12.98

Dear General Pitt Rivers

I should greatly like to have the 4th vol of your "Excavations" to complete the set which you have so kindly sent me. I look forward to reading your recent results, as also to possessing another of the splendid volumes. I hope that your health has been better of late. With kind regards and many thanks in anticipation of receiving your new volume

yrs very truly
Henry Balfour

* Note that earlier Pitt-Rivers had sent a calf-bound copy to the Athenaeum, there was definitely a pecking order about who got what and Balfour was not in the first rung. Pitt-Rivers was most generous with his publications, sending them out to anyone who wanted them, and it was not often noted who got what but presumably most people who requested them (and many did) got cloth-bound copies.



Ethnographical Department | (Pitt Rivers Collection) | University Museum | Oxford | 4.1.99

Dear General Pitt Rivers

Very many thanks for the new volume of Excavations, which has duly arrived. It is a truly splendid work, & I look forward to reading its contents, particularly the parts referring to Bronze Age. I have for a long time been anxious to place in this Museum some portrait of yourself, but I have so far not come across any published engraving or other representation which I could purchase, so I am writing in the hopes that you may have one which you could spare, & which you would be kind enough to give to the Museum. I am anxious in every way to identify as fully as possible your name with the Museum, & I am sure that some portrait would greatly further this object. I am sure that you will forgive me asking you.

With kind regards and again many thanks

Believe me
Yrs very truly
Henry Balfour

Transcribed by AP for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project in July-August 2011

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