S&SWM PR papers L1937

Ansd. Sept 18/97

Egypt Exploration Fund | 37 Great Russell St. | London W.C. | September 15th, 1897


I have the honour to inform you that the President and Committee of the Egypt Exploration Fund have voted a donation of antiquities from Deshasheh and Behnesa (Oxyrhynchus), Upper Egypt, to your Museum at Oxford.

A list of the antiquities is given inside

I have the honour to be
your obedient Servant
Jas. S. Cotton.
Hon. Secretary

To: Gen: Pitt-Rivers | Rushmore | Salisbury

Antiquities from Deshaheh & Behnesa

Papyrus basket Vth Dynasty - Deshaheh

2 baskets & rope Ditto

End of a composite bow ?Roman Behnesa (Oxyrhymehus)

6 reed pens Ditto

Bronze cross Ditto

Pair of amulets (?) Ditto

Hair pin Ditto

These items from el-Behnasa are listed as being from W.M. Flinders Petrie in the accession books of PRM, they are 1897.49.3 [bronze pin], 1897.49.4 bronze cross pendant, 1897.49.5 Pair of pendant wood tablets [?possibly what was referred to as a pair of amulets above], 1897.49.6 Wooden stylus Roman period [not listed], 1897.49.7-12 6 reed pens, 1897.49.13 'turned wooden object, use unknown, Roman period', [not listed], 1897.49.14 Extremity of a composite bow of late form, Roman period (there are more items listed here from Behnesa than are listed by EEF letter.

The items from Deshasheh are 1897.49.16 long covered basket of parallel slaths, V dyn., Deshasheh, and 1897.49.17-19 [more than listed by EEF] 3 circular spiral basket, V dyn., Deshasheh, 1897.49.20 portion of large rope-work mat, V dyn., Deshasheh [there are more items from here listed in the accession book]

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